Discovering the brilliant VILIVANT

VILIVANT is Toronto’s next rocker making the airwaves across Canada and is quickly making her way across the US and Uk. Back in 2015, VILIVANT made her appearance singing an original song for the “Pan Am Games” wrote by former music teacher “Reins Of Glory.”

“The experience alone was amazing!” VILIVANT stated back in a 2015 interview with Caledon Enterprise. “Performing in front of such a huge crowed really awakened something in me. and I knew right there that performing was something I wanted to peruse for the rest of it life.”

After, she consequently started writing her own music, and in 2019 alone played over 60 live shows. “Rock music is in my blood. I grew up listening to the greats like Zeppelin, Heart, Rush… and I just love the way music make me feel,” stated VILIVANT. She also opened up for some classic bands, and started touring across Canada.

A US tour is in the works as well as a full length album that she is working on with hard rock producer “Sam Guiana” who is known for his works of ‘Silverstein’ and ‘Intervals.’

Listen to VILIVANT’S Ep release ‘Never Again’ here: