Discovering the extraordinary “La Rosa Cautiva” by La Susi

Our favorite of the day is a Flamenco beauty entitled “La Rosa Cautiva” by La Susi

As the sunny days are finally arriving after so many grey and sad days, Encarnacion Amador Santiago, aka La Susi blesses the world with a captivating and splendid single: “La Rosa Cautiva”.

The award-winning singer/dancer unveils an emotional-driven song full of grace and rocked by extraordinary vocal performance. The track, which features the work of legends Pedro Cortes on guitar, and musical arranger Diego Amador on piano, is splendid from start to finish, and probably one of the most beautiful we have heard in a long time.

“La Rosa Cautiva” is an outstanding song in an area where artists tend to sound the same and create music with machines. Pure, simple, but memorable. We will also find it in an upcoming film documentary soundtrack album titled “Flamenco: Passion in Danger.” 

Press play right now: