DJ Mario Guerra is considered a DJ of the new Brazilian artistic crop, who naturally incorporated more modern elements in his new song ‘Fu-Go’.

Dj Mario Guerra made the internet the fertile ground for his ideas, taking the aesthetics of Bahia streets to the virtual world.

With direct and objective communication, the DJ created his own style that conquered a legion of fans from all over the country on social networks. From the virtual world to the reality of Brazilian ears.

His songs are marked by romanticism and a different flow with more harmonic bases and striking melodies, and ‘Fu-Go’ perfectly illustrates our point. 

There are influences from Brazilian black music, such as the groove of Raul Seixas, but what stands out are the bass beats and more electronic timbres from North American trap, mixed with the sung melody of São Paulo funk.

Listen to ‘Fu-Go’ right now:




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