Dopes of the day: “Classy” by Lou Anthony feat GDaPlug

Our focus of the day is probably one of the dopest track of the month. Let us introduce you to “Classy”, by the talented Lou Anthony feat GDaPlug.

Lou Anthony teamed up with the producer Nabil Sioty to unveil a sensual and infectious hip-hop track with wild energy.

“Classy” blends old school touches with flows from the future. The level of production is quite impressive and we are into the track from start to finish.    “Classy” is nothing but addiction and we bet it announces promising news for Lou Anthony. 

Stream it now and discover our interview with Lou Anthony below:


Welcome tour redaction. Tell us who you are and how you started to do music?

My name has a dope heritage, you know? I remember being a kid back in like ’06, I was a huge 76ers fan, still am. But we had just drafted this kid named Louis Williams, and he was one of the highlights of that team back then. For a while in my city all you would hear during Sixers games was “Lou Will” this and “Lou Will” that. It stuck with me, so that’s where I get the Lou from. Anthony is my middle name and I was named after my late uncle who passed at infancy before I was even a thought. So my name holds weight, and I wear it with much honor and respect.

What inspires you to write music?

My inspiration to write music comes from all over. Sometimes I’m inspired by the world’s events and my only avenue for change is to write about it. Sometimes I get inspiration from hearing other artists’ music and the response it gets. Really, my inspiration comes with whatever information my heart and mind are getting at the time.

What is your creative process?

My creative process is pretty dope, probably because it’s natural for me. Whatever type of project I put my creativity towards is always a reflection of me. So whether I’m writing a song or drawing a picture, I’m always precise on how it reflects my thoughts and feelings at the time. My art always says something about me, and that’s on purpose.

“Classy” is such a vibe, it is on repeat in our office. Can you tell us more about your latest releases?

My two latest releases, “Homegirl” and “Classy” are two of my favorite all-time tracks. They just represent a time in my life where I started to see the fruits of my labor. You won’t really understand the journey I went through until you hear the album, but these two songs are very important to me AND the album. Homegirl is about that friend that you always had a little ‘thing’ for, and Classy is straight up about having a good time with the fam and some beautiful women.

What do you plan for the future?

The future is Ludlow Sounds. I expect the world to be seeing and hearing so much more from The Ludlow Sounds because our brand is phenomenal. It’s authentic, it’s quality, but most of all it’s love and unity. We’re going to be the biggest name in entertainment BECAUSE of that, trust my words.