‘Drama’ by Danjul: the fresh song of the day

To start our Tuesday music session today, we discovered the best track of early January 2022. Indeed rising star Danjul has shared the appealing ‘Drama’, a futuristic RNB-Pop song that will enchant you with its addictive melodies.

Be ready to dive into a musical journey blending intense electro-pop production and hard-hitting beats production, RNB vocals worthy of the greatest, and catchy hooks. In other words, this is the definition of a BANGER. Period.

The sexy and infectious atmosphere will transport you into sensual feelings. The LA artist proves here that he will have a bright future in the industry, no doubt.

‘Drama’ is charismatic and original, and we are witnessing the rise of a star. A beautiful lesson of creativity and quality.

Press play:

Stay tuned! ‘Drama’ will be released in Korea on January 26, 2022.