VELVET SHAKES A Review Of Their Debut EP ‘Mellowdrama’

I have been carefully following the musical rise of VELVET SHAKES since their first splash on the music scene back in 2018. Their consistency is unbelievable, and their talent is undeniable. After putting out multiple, stellar singles, they are finally slated to release their debut EP titled ‘Mellowdrama.’ It is names for the mellow state of this quarantine era and the unrelenting drama that is taking place in the world around us. Not only is the theme of the times, but the music is very fresh and modern as well.

One of the standout tracks on ‘Mellowdrama’ is ‘Can You Do The Right Thing.’ It is a message of hope to lead singer Josh Bithell’s brother as he struggled with his mental health through quarantine. The message is further elevated by the sonic quality of the track. It is dreamy and full of positive energy and life. ‘Alone Again’ is a nod to the 80’s and comes complete with a glorious saxophone outro. A perfect track.

What excites me the most about VELVET SHAKES is their unstoppable commitment to doing whatever they want with their music. You can hear it plainly that each song is crafted in a way that makes them happy. It is a blessing that they are talented enough for that method to benefit the listener as well.