Enchanting Authenticity: activemirror.’s ‘I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Around Here’ Rocks Aruba and Beyond

“I Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead Around Here” by activemirror., hailing from the Caribbean island of Aruba, is an enchanting alternative rock song that captivates with its passion and authenticity.

The track showcases poignant vocals that deliver heartfelt lyrics, drawing listeners into a compelling narrative. The band’s masterful craftsmanship shines through in every chord and melody, creating a powerful sonic experience.

With this standout single, activemirror. leaves a lasting impression, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their forthcoming full-length album, set to release in late 2023.

Get ready to be swept away by the musical prowess of activemirror. as they continue to make their mark on the alt rock scene.


-MUSIC & LYRICS: Liam Sean Kelly
-STUDIO: Recorded in Aruba at Caya Musica Studios with engineer Kym Wenborg
-PRODUCERS: Liam Sean Kelly & Me’Shaq Richardson
-MIX & MASTERING: Wayne N. Hawthorne of Click Track Audio in Ottawa, Canada
-LABEL/MANAGEMENT: Secret Agent Man Music, Amal Farhat-Kasouf