Enter the world of TheGrandWy-Z

TheGrandWy-Z, real name Paul Wyatt Baker, is a singer and rapper who has been able to develop a distinctive sound based on a hypnotic hip-hop and future-RNB colors with a unique twist.

His most recent song, “The Brink”, is a perfect palette of haunting melodies, hard-hitting rhythms, and dark soundscapes that invites the audience into TheGrandWy-Z’s timeless universe.

The contrast between the dark atmosphere and bouncy beats makes us dance and bounce, while releasing all the sad feelings we’ve all been through.

“The Brink”, as well as his whole discography, excels from a productional and artistic points of view, enabling the listener to experience a new musical vision that values melody as much as it values the energy of modern hip-hop.

Dive into the world of TheGrandWy-Z right now:

Stay tuned as the rising artist is about to release a new track “Good Times” very soon.