“Sober”, by ET Boys: a strong dose of energy

ET Boys is an alternative pop-rock duo coming from Florida that we have just discovered. Let’s be honest, we wonder why we have not heard of them before as they convinced our redaction team with their new single “Sober”, a promising track.

Consisting of Tacboy, lead singer, and Sharkeyes, writer and composer, ET Boys showcases through “Sober” strong communication energy, everything that we need and that you will unconditionally love.

We will keep from sticking a precise genre to the band that has a certain artistic research and large influences. The song combines rock with progressive pop, touches of hip-hop and above all contagious hooks. This is what we call a HIT.

“Sober” ended up integrating our best playlists of the month and will rock our whole weekend!

So don’t waste a second, head to the link below to discover it: