“Find the Shoreline” by Hello Fiasco: the best album of the season

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Hello Fiasco made an incredible impression on us! We still can’t believe that we hadn’t heard of them before running into their stunning debut album “Find the Shoreline”, a true A+ music opus.

Drawing its inspiration from both rock and pop and passing through a cinematic-like atmosphere, the record is worthy of the greatest and looks to be filled with hits.

The complex instrumentation is colored by passionate guitars, addictive rhythms, and the vocal performances have the ability to instantly get you singing along. Just remember! We told you that “Find the Shoreline” would be a great success and deserved a well-earned place among the best albums of 2022.

Dive into the experience right now:

Hello Fiasco in details :

Prior to 2021, former members of The Mailman’s Children joined forces with other Canadian artists to record 23 original songs. At the top of 2021, the new Pop Rock band publicly emerged as Hello Fiasco.

Although Hello Fiasco is principally Canadian, the band is considered “North American” because their frontman Eric LaBossiere (born Canadian) lives in Helena, Montana, USA. The rest of the band, including Joel Couture (bass), Joel Perreault (lead guitars/backing vocals), Ivan Burke (drums/backing vocals), and Guy Abraham (keys/Ableton/backing vocals), all live in the Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA region.

The band’s debut album “Find The Shoreline” amassed 1,250,000 streams and 2,500+ playlist adds on Spotify before its official worldwide release on August 4 of 2022.

Hello Fiasco has been compared to Panic! At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand and David Bowie, though listeners have also said they definitely have a sound and style of their own.

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