Hugo D Almonte: our best summer 2022 discovery

We have just discovered rising star Hugo D Almonte, a Dominican artist from queens New York, who will accompany the end of summer in the best way possible.

Blending Latino colours with RNB and Pop music, he also knows how to stand out in a crowded industry thanks to his creative recipe. He offers certain experimentation and creates contrasts, showcasing his vanguard vision.

“VA HABLAR” delivers solar and danceable beats, that the artist tints by melancholic and haunting vocal performance, while “SABE” has this kind of psychedelic touch, still blessed by Hugo D Almonte’s recognizable vocal tone, and his poignant lyrical content performed in Spanish.

With this kind of signature, the artist proves that he is ready to reach the highest levels in the industry and we can’t wait to hear him on our favorite radio stations.

Dive into “VA HABLAR”, a stunning mixture of sounds, and stay tuned as Hugo D Almonte has announced a new single “Te Veo” for September, 1.

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