Focus on Rapper, Songwriter Manny Maserati and his latest epic “Black Rose Project”

Today we are introducing the best rap project we’ve heard since a few months: it is entitled “Black Rose Project” by the outstanding Manny Maserati.

Hailing from Jackson, Michigan, the rapper songwriter has delivered a little musical jewel worthy of the greatest of all times. And we are not exaggerating. This is even heroic when we know the current situation in the rap game (we won’t come back on this subject but we all know what we are talking about). “Black Rose Project” is what we call real Hip-Hop.

The album opens up with the standout track and triumphant “Flooded Jewels” which exemplifies banger-status with its hip-hop meets classical production. Throughout the project, the artist who has been discovered by Hot97 a year ago showcases his solid rap skills and techniques, as well as a perfect flow on lush productions. 

“Black Rose Project” is an epic and exciting listen from start to finish and we bet it will reach the highest level of the music industry. 

Don’t waste a minute and stream the whole project now: