GINTSUGI Unveils ‘The Elephant In The Room’ Album: An Emotional Journey in Search of Inner Truths

Singer and multi-instrumentalist, Gintsugi, just returned with her second album ‘The Elephant In The Room’, on October 20, 2023. This highly-anticipated album is a testament to her boundless creativity and profound international influences, featuring nine tracks that showcase her remarkable talent and musical depth.

‘The Elephant In The Room’ emerged during a period of both personal and global crises. It delves deep into raw emotions and unfiltered narratives, addressing issues like anger towards manipulation and oppression, feelings of isolation, the disillusionment of romanticizing addiction, and the disappointment in a world that fails to cherish what truly matters.

However, the album also explores the unexpected places where nourishment can be found and the resilience to carry on despite adversity. Gintsugi played a significant role in the album’s production, spending months writing and recording tracks in her home studio, using a Native sound library, a Moog, a computer, and a collaborator’s violin. The production was finalized in collaboration with Beautiful Losers Records, responsible for mixing and mastering.

‘The Elephant In The Room’ offers nine distinct tracks, each shedding light on various aspects of reality, such as the contrast between love and the societal structures that either nurture it or stifle it, the connection between resource overconsumption and climate disasters, the journey of healing from a debilitating addiction, and the recognition of shared pain with those who have turned their wounds into a placebo.

The album’s sound effortlessly transitions between velvety and hallucinatory art/pop and post-rock reminiscent of the 1990s. The album’s visual elements, created by visual artists Giuliano Sgroi and Gabriele Barbagallo, add an extra layer to the album’s universe, symbolizing invisible particles within bodies and overlapping identities.

Don’t miss the chance to catch her live in Berlin on November 3rd. More info here.