Into the world of Vincent Projects

Today, The-further invites you into the world of Vincent Projects. We’ve had the pleasure to discover him thanks to “Wasabi Sandwich”, an opus that stands out from everything we’ve heard this month. 

Vincent Projects showcases his limitless creativity and imagination by exploring a wide range of sonorities from EDM to progressive chill sounds, and an experimental recipe. The 5-instrumental track project sends you staight into a journey through a vanguard vision, a captivating experience.

The samples, the electronic soundscapes, and the surprising structures : “Wasabi Sandwich” offers a new world, unworldy and timeless. Press play:


“I’ve always been a music listener but not much of a musician. The only instruments I played in the past are on someone’s living room’s synthesizers with the preset pad sounds and plucking at random acoustic guitars. I grew up in a musical school town but never intended to take any lessons. I befriended local bands back in college, and one friend told me I should grab an instrument, but I never did. Although, I wasn’t so bad at selecting Cassette Tapes to CDs when recording my playlists to listen to in my car or showing off with friends at work doing assembly lines in Silicon Valley. Then I got into computers from a Graphic Design school and later discovered it is possible to make music from computers. It didn’t take overnight but having the ears for musical sounds helps along the way. Most of the electronic music projects I do today are original. I also like mixing royalty-free samples in my tracks; if I get a hold of vinyl records or cassette tapes as samples, I have to be careful and make unrecognizable changes if I plan to get it published as an album. Besides that, making melodies from electronic sounds from scratch became second nature. I am also curious about the next step towards evolving electronic music as one of my artistic freedom of choice.​” Vincent Projects.