Jj Brown challenges the codes with “Aaliyah” featuring Barry Marrow

Our goal at-the Further is to discover the artists from today and tomorrow, but especially those who brings new sound and messages to the table. 

Jj Brown is our artist of the day. He comes straight from Philly, South Nj and he creates out of the box, challenges the codes, and strays from the norm with his latest release “Aaliyah” featuring Barry Marrow.

The artist talks about his personal stories as a gay black asian guy, and share a musical precious experience that a lot of people will relate to.

The song is infectious from start to finish: a haunting beat, a perfect vocal performance with magical melodies. The indie alternative RnB song is one of the best from early 2021. Barry Marrow perfectly completes the track thanks to his sharp flow and a captivating rap.

“Aaliyah”  is a creative gem that we listen to on repeat. Press play right now, you won’t regret it: