Kelsie Kimberlin

Kelsie Kimberlin

Kelsie Kimberlin unveils “Masterpiece”, a musical Wonder

She is one of our best discoveries of the year, and she returns with another musical beauty: we talk about the one and only Kelsie Kimberlin.

You might just need to start your day the sweetest way thanks to pleasant sensations that will fill you with addictive lightness. With Kelsie Kimberlin’s new single “Masterpiece”, you have more than a beautiful song, a rare musical break, where you can listen to the undeniable talent.

“Masterpiece”, honouring the beauty of the planet, offers a splendid cinematic-pop world with a warm and healing atmosphere. The music realization is worthy of the greatest, and the organic instruments perfectly blend with Kelsie’s magic vocal performance.

Her voice delivers a deep message for humans to take care of our planet, and she proves, with remarkable precision, that she is among the best artists of 2021.

“Masterpiece” takes you into quality and delicate musical break with meaningful yet poetic lyrical content. A few minutes of pure music to discover as soon as possible below: