“Keyz Locks And Chains” or the best album of the day signed MppKeyz

Hip-Hop artist MppKeyz imposes himself on the Hip-Hop game with a new release entitled “Keyz Locks And Chains”. 

We discovered Mppkeyz thanks to his offering, a 9 tracks-opus, outstanding and catchy from start to finish.

“Keyz Locks And Chains” is the right album to mark the world of music, and from the first track of the same name, we already knew that we were listening to something different. MppKeyz unveils a unique and futuristic signature between rap and touches Rnb, between flawless production and his particular flow and vocals. 

In an area where many artists tend to sound the same, the album is intense and offers true lyrical content. “Keyz Locks And Chains” is a must-listen. 

Believe us, this project will make waves into the industry thanks to rare creativity and limitless inspiration. MppKeyz definitely stands out from the crowd. 

Listen to it right now: