Kilo House is making 2021 with his Ruthle$$ EP x Tae Hero

One of our favorite discoveries of the past years is the one and only Kilo House. He made 2020 and is on his way to triple his success for 2021 thanks to his latest offering: an EP entitled “Ruthle$$”. You should listen to it right now! 

We were thrilled about this release that we waited for many months and were not disappointed. Actually, Kilo House surprised us again, a slap in the face.

The 4 tracks project blends electronic and EDM music with Hip Hop. He teamed up with Tae Hero to do so and they managed to unveil something out of the ordinary. Tae Hero’s particular flow and vocal tone perfectly complete Kilo house’s work.

The energy is powerful, the production is epic, the creativity has no limit: “Ruthle$$” is a 10/10 from “Hits” to “Lyfe”, the best project for this start of 2021.

In Kilo House’s music we trust: