KING WIXARD: Our artist of the month

KING WIXARD is our best artist of the month.  We discovered him a few weeks ago thanks to “By Your side”, and at the time, we already knew we were listening to something special. 

We have had the opportunity to listen to his upcoming release, a new edition of his banger “Stole My Heart”, and from the first notes, the artist surprised us with his unique musical signature between trap and haunting vocals. The outstanding flow, the hard-hitting production: “Stole My Heart” is an infectious banger with high-replay value.

Many will be able to relate to this song as it reflects the rejects, and is for anybody who was treated weirdly for being different. He encourages the listener to cherish its uniqueness. His emotional and deep lyrics could have him seen as GenZ’s My Chemical Romance.

KING WIXARD brings new kind of vibes to the table, a new hip-hop experience that gives hope to the listen. We also heard that another song will also be release on May 29th, for his birthday, so keep an eye on him.

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