LA band Love Ghost returns with a new single “I’ll be fine”

Love Ghost, Los Angeles, California

Love Ghost is back! Their name might be familiar for our readers. Indeed, we discovered the explosive L.A band a few months ago with “Let it All Burn” and “Dead Brother” that we reviewed the past February. 

Today, Love Ghost returns with a new single entitled: “I’ll be fine” for our greatest delight. 

They haven’t lost any of their intensity or their creativity. By blending acoustic rock guitars with trap music, they create a kind of what we can call an “emo trap-rock” song.

The lead singer/guitarist Finnegan Bell’s performance is, once again, outstanding. He has a natural and unique way to deliver the lyrics as if he was speaking right to your soul. Quite troubling and addictive at the same time. 

What we admire about Love Ghost is that every time they unveil a song or a visual, we can feel the musical generosity.

Press play now: