Lou Anthony is back with his debut album entitled “S.E.L.F”

If you are from this planet, you might know that Lou Anthony is one of our favorite artists since we discovered him with the catchy “Classy”. We are excited to announce that he is back with his debut album entitled S.E.L.F.

His confirms his talent thanks to an admirable and soulful flow, heavy production, and catchy verses. Just promising, especially when we know that it is only his first album! Bravo Lou Anthony, you stand out among the people to follow thanks to your generous 15 bangers album.

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Welcome back! We are happy to see you again with more music! First of all, how have you been during the whole quarantine period? How did you face it, and did it affect your creativity?

I’m happy to be back on your platform. I’ve become a really big fan of it and I appreciate you guys for having me. As crazy as quarantine has been, it hasn’t been all that bad actually. I’ve just been using this time to share with family and embrace that part of life. My creativity has been pretty healthy too. I spent a lot of quarantine time working on the album and now that it’s finally out I can focus more on other things.

Following to Classy that we reviewed a few months ago, you are back with a debut album, what is the story behind this project?

S.E.L.F: Something Everyone Looks For is my journey of finding self; true self. I was in a period of depression and tough times when I started writing the songs. It ended up being like a timeline from that depression to self-proclamation — struggle to triumph. I want it to inspire everybody, let them know to keep going.

As an artist, what message are you trying to convey to the public?

The message is that self is the only person you’ll ever be. So be true to it and embrace it. As an artist I’m always giving my listeners me; my life, my experiences, my thoughts, whatever. I don’t make music about things that I don’t do, or that isn’t authentic to the life I live and the person I am. I’m going to be me no matter who’s watching or listening.

How would you describe your music to a stranger?

I’d tell them it’s soul music. Then they’d probably be like, “Soul? Like James Brown?” And I’d say yeah, like James Brown. It’s organic, it’s authentic, and it’s unclassified. If it’s from the soul it cannot be duplicated, therefore all my music is a reflection of me. You won’t get it from anywhere else.

What else do you have planned for the rest of the year?

This year has been a tough one all around the board. There’s been highs and there’s been lows like I’ve never experienced before. But that doesn’t stop me from being thankful and feeling blessed by The Most High. The Ludlow Sounds is going to finish out the year strong and really shift our universe for generations of success.

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