Chicago born singer and songwriter, Marietta Grant, has released another outstanding single. Grant brings her signature sound: a fusion of R&B and pop, with echoes of techno beats, and pairs it with heartfelt lyrics for her newest single, ‘Thats Why’. 

‘Thats Why’ is a catchy love song where Grant sings to her unnamed lover, intimately expressing the many reasons why she loves them. 

Through her so far small musical output, Grant has already attained a unique style that is sure to solidify her place in the music industry. 

Despite the somewhat repetitive nature of ‘Thats Why’, Grant’s inherent emotionality renders any potential boredom and irritability that could arise from the song void. Her use of a slow tempo paired with heartfelt lyrics poses a potential risk of this single being just another love song. However, Grant’s creative lyricism paired with her R&B inspired backing track makes sure this modern-day love song is one we will never tire of. 

Grant’s thankful love song is exactly the kind of music we can expect to see in our post-pandemic society. The self-reflection and appreciation Grant encapsulates is a sentiment many of us are feeling as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ve become more attuned to what really matters in life, the people we truly love, and the reasons we love them. Surpassing some of the biggest names in the industry, Grant draws on this raw emotionality that is still so fresh in so many of us and translates it into a modern and catchy song.

‘Thats Why’ is the perfect signal to prove Grant has what it takes to make it in this over-saturated industry. Combining musical-talent with authentic emotion is something so many modern-day musicians lack, and this single proves Grant isn’t going to be one of them. 

Her heartfelt sentiment combined with a diverse and eclectic mix of music genres makes Marietta Grant a stand-out, up-and-coming musician to watch.