MATT DEANGELIS Strikes Gold Again with ‘All Good Things’

MATT DEANGELIS serenades our hearts with his enchanting musical concoction, “All Good Things.” The artist showcases his mastery, delivering a powerful soul-rock voice that resonates with unwavering intensity.

Deftly arranged with poetic precision, the track unfolds as a musical canvas where generosity meets magnificence. The guitars, serving as a warm embrace, infuse the composition with heartwarming melodies. The drums, like a gentle lullaby, cradle the hearts of listeners, while delicate piano notes add a touch of elegance.

The robust production, coupled with the artist’s soulful vocals, creates a narrative that instills hope in life. Each element harmonizes seamlessly to deliver a composition that leaves an enduring imprint—a reminder that, indeed, all good things are worth waiting for: