‘Matthew And The Arrogant Sea’ is back with a beautiful new single entitled “The Line”

We needed a break on that trend consisting of making music with machines and autotune. With empty lyrics and mainstream codes. Yes, we needed something coming from the heart and love of music.

Hailing from Denton, TX, Matthew And The Arrogant unveils a new single that matches our desires, and it is entitled “The Line”. The song, extracted from their new EP “A series of dreams #2, literally disconnected us from the reality.

Poetic guitars, beautiful and comforting. Matthew Gray’s dreamy and pleasant voice. “The Line” is a song of pure beauty, simple, poetic and generous.

We also enjoyed the experimental visual:

We are happy to unveil our interview with Matthew Gray, the frontman for Matthew And The Arrogant Sea.

Welcome to The-Further! Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Matthew Gray. I’m the frontman for MATAS (Matthew
And The Arrogant Sea) hailing from Denton, TX—we’ve been making music under this moniker since 2001.

The music you create is very rich. What inspires you to write songs?

Short stories/shared moments with friends/family and fans everywhere. For me; the songs kinda write themselves pretty quickly, I start with a very conversational idea, or mentality and expand beyond that. I often find my music/imagery is intertwined pretty heavily on the relationships I have in my life. Although they are often perceived as “whimsical” they are all very real and almost spiritual characters to me.

What is your creation process?

A series of dreams #2 was recorded by Matt Hibbard in the lovely land of Dallas, TX. 3 brand new songs, followed by 3 original music video shorts, and an original cover. On this release I’m very excited to share all of these songs, something transcendent transpired during the making of this release. It’ll be out next month for all of your ears 🙂

Can you tell us more about your latest release?

We are currently very excited to share our film “Nosebleeders” which is a sci-fi doc about the bands early days. It’s currently making its way around the film fest community. This film was a collaboration with the ever so amazing Writer/Director Cole Mitchek.

What do you plan for the future?

We hope to take advantage of our time away from playing live shows and bring you all so much more music In 2020.

Make sure to connect with them on Instagram: @matthewandthearrogantsea