Mista Pakman announces new projects for 2022

Mista Pakman of the Sacramento Rap & Hip Hop group Blackwolvez is not only releasing new music by Nov 4th 2022 but he also has released an EP to follow up with the album release ‘Legal Dope’ in November 2022. The EP was released on July 01st 2022 which includes the songs “Legal Dope” “How We Ryde” “1 $hot” “Represent” & “Bang Bang”.

All songs in which are very well written and thought out due to wanting to change the course of Rap and Hip Hop the way it is today. Presenting what he believes to be the beginning of more new projects to come, Mista Pakman has also another single under the name Blackwolvez & Mista Pakman to keep the trademark going throughout the music. This sets the tone for the group and for future projects to come by Blackwolvez and not just Mista Pakman alone. The new song titled under the names Blackwolvez & Mista Pakman “$o Dope” released July 22nd 2022 is another hit banger for their Blackwolvez audience. Mista Pakman produced and wrote the lyrics for the song and will be impacting worldwide listeners.

Needless to say, the Rap and Hip Hop group Blackwolvez has already released music under Full Moon Recordz. Blackwolvez double album Medication & Tha Harve$t released online 04/08/2022. Full Moon Recordz LLC is a independent record label, founded by Mista Pakman Dangerous of Blackwolvez established in 2018. The mission at the label is to put out more Blackwolvez material as much as possible til they are able to reach a much more successful point to maybe even put out other artist some day as this is still the beginning its interesting to see some results and consistent progress along the way. Mista Pakman also founded and established Trip Sevenz Recordz LLC in 2018 and Trip Sevenz trademark brand in 2020. Originally the idea of expansion from Nor Cal to Vegas was the ideal concept and to release more music as a duo Rap and Hip Hop group. Both Mista Pakman Dangerou$ and UNL (Undistinguished Lyricst) created their Rap group in 2013, who eventually began to create beats and record music together over time. Expect to hear more from Blackwolvez, Mista Pakman & Trip Sevenz as they have much more music to come.