Monday banger: ‘Cloud 9’ by Joyondatrack

As the current game is occupied by the same artists and vibes, some are fortunately ready to change the trend. 

Joyondatrack, real name Adebayo Stephen, is one of these promising artists that will become global by imposing new sonorities to the table.

The African-based Nigerian artist, has an incomparable flow and a unique way to deliver it. His latest track ‘Cloud 9’ illustrates our point. Everything stands out: The laid-back vocal line, the trap-infused production, and above this “je ne sais quoi” that makes Joyondatrack’s creativity irresistible. 

‘Cloud 9’ is appealing and will warm our ears up the whole season. Press play and keep an eye on him:


“Cloud 9′ is about how people only want me when they need me. I’m not perfect but I can say I have 9 out of 10 perfect, because I always be myself ” Joyondatrack