New discovery: outstanding producer Kaleidanoyse

And what if we allowed ourselves a few minutes of musical experimentation, something out of this earth that will take you to lands of clouds rocked by warm melodies. Well, we have everything that we need and it goes by the name of Kaleidanoyse.

With projects like Stars & Constellations, The Silent Boy, and Kaleidanoyse V, the artist invites you to a graceful and beautiful journey through sounds, space, and nature. We’ve have had an authentic and rare moment while listening to Kaleidanoyse’s music. 

His latest project entitled “Kaleidanoyse V” made us literally disconnect from the reality as it offers a music experiment that we rarely hear those days. One of our favorites is “Overgrown”, a little musical jewels….The track is now on repeat in our Spotify playlist.

Press play now to discover Kaleidanoyse’s world :