Nomina is reaching out to enchant the world with a stunning new song with genuine Amapiano vibes originating direct from South Africa. 

Beautifully in both Ndebele & English in a sincere effort to reveal how music has the power to unite us all, as one, this charismatic performer has quickly generated a powerful buzz around her, due to her distinctive song writing and has often been compared to artists as diverse as Sia, Alicia Keys or Lira. 

Surging with the momentum established by Nomina´s singles “Fetish Daddy” and “I Still Stand” from last year, international sensation Nomina returns early with a spectacular new song called “Luthando Lo” that reveals yet another aspect of her radiantly dynamic style and the multiple reasons why she’s one of the most exciting figures found anywhere within the music-scene today, through her authentic gift for creating cross-cultural sound that knows no borders. 

“Luthando Lo” literally means “this is love” – and listeners will find it most certainly sounds like it too. Nomina dives deep into a sonic tapestry woven from pure emotion, tapping into a spiritually uplifting sound that’s based on themes of unconditional love, unity, and respect for all. With the hybrid vibes of “Luthando Lo” expertly fusing together hints of Afro House/Pop & Dance/World Music together along with the radiantly stylistic & melodically fluid flow of Nomina’s vocals – her new single is a true highlight example of how she’s leading the way in a revolution of sound that is sweeping the globe and creating a pathway to better tomorrows for everyone to share & celebrate through all-inclusive songs just like this. Luthando Lo, translating as this is love, follows a contemporary take on a tribal rhythm, before exploring the concept of love and our connection to the universe and everything in it. 

Never has there been a more relevant time to be reminded of these ideas, and Nomina makes stunningly blissful work of it. Reminding us of those ever hypnotic vocals, offering multiple layers increasingly as these poetic observations and dreamlike reflections pour through. Luthando Lo creates a dance-like realm of pulsating movement – presenting a trance-like state as the music builds and builds. 

That tribal, world-music core shines more brightly as things progress, the song enveloping listeners in this growing sense of brightness and energy – perfectly encapsulating the concept of oneness and co-existence in a wholly artistic manner. 

Nomina, the spectacularly soulful solo artist, hailing from Botswana and born in Zimbabwe, based in Germany, is certainly riding the wave of success. Inspired by the massive enthusiasm, support, and love pouring in from around the world in response to her music. As dazzling & charming as ever, with a brand-new single that is destined to continue her rise to the top of charts & playlists all around the world, Nomina always impresses with her original music, not just the performance and the writing, but the structure, the intention, and the production. Luthando Lo speaks volumes on behalf of the talent and soul that goes into it all. 

Nomina’s “Luthando Lo” is the mood, the moment, and the anthem this year. A beautiful song, timeless and powerful, immersive and engaging. – and it’s officially available on every major music platform online, February 2021.