Not Around Speaks about his latest release: “Ms. Rose”

Today we meet with the mysterious Not Around, our discovery of the week.

The young artist released a few hours ago a new track entitled “Ms. Rose” and the least we can say is that Not Around really stands out from his pairs.

Haunting vocal line and flow, the way he delivers his lyrics are quite uncommon between rap, poetry and spoken words.

Creativity is nowadays a rare thing so we also highly appreciate the experiment into the track’s structure. “Ms. Rose” showcases Not Around’s talent and promising artistic attitude.

Let’s discover Not Around in 5 questions!

Welcome Not Around! We are glad to have you today. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Junpei Miller and I started doing music around 2015/2016. My friends actually got me into music. I’m a writer, I love writing and soon enough one thing led to another and I became front man for “Not Around” and well here we are.

We like the way you deliver your energy. What are your inspirations to make music?

My inspiration for writing music is really just my love for writing and music in general. I don’t talk much. I’m definitely not a talker, I’m not good at it, but I’ll write my life away.

How do you create? Do you have a specific creative process?

As far as creative processes go I’m told mine is really dark and dangerous. It’s like method acting. I put myself into the mind of the character I write but not just for that writing/recording session but for weeks, months, maybe even years. I distance myself from everyone while doing this. I cut everyone off and go to the darkest place in my mind to fish out whatever I like, also, add some alcohol to the mix and you have the perfect nightmare.

Your latest release “Ms. Rose” is a beautiful surprise. Can you tell us more about it?

“Ms. Rose” I wrote about a girl named Janet Rose. She’s pretty popular here in the states I would say. The album the song goes with is called “Loverboy” and it’s about a guy named Joshua who has trouble making connections over music. It’s quite the dilemma he has, “Ms. Rose” is the point in the album where he really realizes his dilemma and he seeks companionship not for entertainment but for healing. He’s looking for a cure but he’s definitely going the wrong way about it.

What are your future plans?

My future plans involve a lot more stories, a lot more drinking, and a lot more filming. 2020 is a puzzle though right now but it’s really giving me time to think about what I actually want for the future as far as my career in music goes.

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