Ogechi’s Journey to OGECHIMUSIC

Ogechi was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She wasn’t dealt the best hands, but she was always crafty and savvy and knew she would upgrade her hand. She spent her early life drawing, singing and acting and was allowed to express her creativity at home. She couldn’t afford lessons, but she was given any tool she needed to create. Eventually she immigrated to Durham, North Carolina, where a new chapter started for her.

In Durham, North Carolina she attended school where she continued to build her singing and photography skills. Ogechi’s graduation could not come fast enough for her. She had spent all her time waiting to move out of North Carolina. The same year she graduated she had already found a roommate in Los Angeles. She spent most of her time just working to pay rent and Uber to work. She did modeling jobs here and there. Soon enough she realized she had to take the time to focus on her dreams; she picked up singing again.

Ogechi recorded at least 20 different songs before deciding to release CHASING YOU. She had even put together an EP which she says does not represent her, and she is happy it wasn’t released. She is happy she waited to find herself and her confidence.

Ogechi always felt like she could spot BS in people but as soon as she embarked her music journey, she felt like that changed.

She stated, “I am a very all in type of person, and I want things to happen quickly for me. I wanted connections in music the first month I started and that just isn’t realistic. I definitely wasted months acting out of insecurity and not trusting my gut. I like to think that those months shaped me and prepped me for what’s to come. Today I feel the most secure in my talent and work ethic. When I first started I was so insecure about my writing ability, and today my writing ability is what I am most proud of. Maybe I owe that to those months I spent trusting the wrong people. Who knows? But today I have the most clarity about who I am, and that’s what matters. Anyways “CHASING YOU” OUT NOW ON ALL PLATFORMS” HERE.