On a new level with Yung Kidd

Our discovery today goes by the name of Yung Kidd. The young American from West Memphis impressed us with his well-known project “Kidd Capone” EP or singles like 20 x 3. His discography is fresh air in the industry.

Performed over dark, heavy beats with intense and threatening flows, the artist’s music proves that creativity still exists in the rap game. 

Not only Yung Kidd’s music is haunting and authentic but is also a kind of new street language.


This is how we can describe his sound. Once we listen to him, we are immediately immersed into outstanding and vanguard sonorities with a minimalistic unique signature. His latest delivery “Ain Goin” illustrates our point.

Yung Kidd is the kind of artist you should keep an eye on, and who will end up integrating your best playlists around the globe.

Listen to Yung Kidd right now: