ONEOFAFRICA: Unleashing Afro Hip-Hop Power and Entrepreneurial Spirit from Lagos to the World

ONEOFAFRICA, the international Afro Hip-Hop sensation hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, has captivated audiences with his formidable track “Abnegation.” Feat. DR3LA. This powerful composition emanates both chill-inducing vibes and unwavering determination. ONEOFAFRICA delivers his verses with visceral passion, sending a message of self-empowerment and determination. His intense lyrical content inspires success through hard work, emphasizing the value of sweat equity.

Rapping with conviction about his mindset and life, ONEOFAFRICA seamlessly weaves his narrative over a beat that hits hard, creating an epic and immersive atmosphere. The chorus performed by DR3LA pays homage to Afro roots, adding a colossal dimension to the track.

Beyond his musical prowess, ONEOFAFRICA is a multifaceted artist who runs the independent entertainment company Done Deal International LLC. This enterprise, based in the United States and Nigeria, operates under his label co-owned with an international partner. ONEOFAFRICA’s artistic prowess and entrepreneurial spirit solidify his position as a force to be reckoned with in the global music scene.

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