Our exclusive interview with Satellites In Orbit S.I.O.

Our redaction discovered the outstanding Satellites In Orbit thanks to their latest release, a powerful track entitled “That’s True”. Extracted from a 13-tracks generous album “Sons of the Sun“, “That’s True” caught our attention from the first bars. And let’s be honest, it’s been a while since we did not have this feeling. The feeling to be listening to something special and unique. 

Their music blend hip-hop with electronic elements and, above all, sounds experimentation, to deliver an unexpected universe, never-heard-before, where good rap and creativity reign. Believe us this is a rare thing. 

The project “Sons of the Sun” is a success from start to finish and takes a well-deserved place among the best album of 2021.

It was only right to meet with S.I.O, discover our redaction below:

Welcome to our redaction! Could you introduce your band to our readers and tell us how you started to make music together?

Datacron –  Welcome to space. We are Satellites In Orbit – or S.I.O. for short. DRGS and myself grew up in the Lost Vegas punk rock scene. We spent a lot of those early years playing in different bands with friendly rivalries. At a house party I started freestyling for people that had known me for years. It was a side they had never seen before. Within a few days DRGS showed up at my work with a crazy beat that he made. From there it’s just always been a natural thing when we work together. We definitely have a weird connection on a creative level.

What does S.I.O mean to you, how did you come with that name?

Datacron – Well this project started as an outlet of expression for a few guys that played punk rock but also listened to hip hop. We wanted it to sound “out there”. That might have been a cop-out in the early days because making hip hop and writing rhymes in this way was new for a lot of the people involved, and we didn’t know how to be true to the artform. Originally there were 5 or so members of S.I.O. Most of them played in a band called Pilot to Orion. Being outsiders and keeping with the space theme Satellites In Orbit just seemed fitting. 

What is the story and the inspirations behind «Sons of the Sun»? 

DRGS – Between the punk rock years and now there is a whole story of addiction, bad feelings, and personal growth, but that’s for some other time. I had continued to make music under the name Ghost x Gardens, but Datacron hadn’t touched an instrument at all. About 2 years ago we reconnected and made a song together (Blips)- which turned into 2 and then 3 songs. It was great to watch him quickly shake off the rust and get back into fighting shape. We talked about making an EP with 5 or 6 songs. As we worked toward that goal, we hit a stride and ended up with the 13 tracks that make up ‘Sons of the Sun’. 

If you had to choose 3 words to describe your music, what would they be, and why?

Lost in space

How did the « covid-situation » affect your work as a team (in good and bad ways)?

DRGS – We live about 3000 miles away from each other. Literally as far away as we can get and still both be in the US. Before Covid started, we were already sending tracks back and forth, working in our own bubbles. The pandemic didn’t mess with our process at all. Actually things like Zoom let us work on a session together in real-time. We could find sounds and change parts immediately, rather than sending tracks back and forth, with thoughts getting lost in translation via text or whatever. Like how do you describe a melody or highlight a bad note over text? One thing we’re really proud of is that the energy and sound don’t reflect that none of this was done together. We did our takes without any outside opinion or input. Yes, we had to go back and re-record things because the vibe wasn’t right, or the mic sounded weird, but we found what works for us in the constraints we have, and turned out something that we are stoked to share with the world.