Our personality of the day: Thuggizzle

Our personality of the day goes by the name of Thuggizzle, a serial entrepreneur and unbeatable freestyler from San Antonio.

Thuggizzle is one of the most interesting personalities around whose productivity and creative process have no limit. Known for his gift for freestyling straight off the head without writing anything before, he is also a well-respected entrepreneur.

It is not surprising to see his activities covered on famous international magazines such as Hip Hop Weekly and The Express-News His bright mind and vanguard spirit led him to create a new Springwater brand entitled Thuggizzle, made of Pure Spring Water and in Aluminum Cans 100% recyclable.

We will keep a constant eye on him as we just can’t wait to see what he has more in stock.

Visit his Youtube channel HERE.

Website: www.iamthuggizzle.com