Our thursday addiction: IH8U2 by Treviar

Hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, Treviar is an underrated artist that entered the list of the best creative of his generations. 

His latest delivery “IH8U2” is exactly what we needed to chill and to keep believing in music again. By blending his flawless RNB voice tinted by hip-hop flows, with a cutting-edge soul-infused instrumentals, he brings the music to another level of creativity and quality. 

“IH8U2” showcases Treviar’s charismatic artistic personality, and proves that he is ready to make a name for himself in the international game. 

Chill and hit play now : 

Treviar about “IH8U2” :

My latest release “IH8U2” is lowkey a response to SZA’s “IH8U”. I remember someone sending me that song when it dropped telling me it reminded them of me. Naturally, I felt some kind of way about that! The next day, I wrote my song and when I finished, I knew it was going to be huge.