After one week of hard work, agitation, shopping for Christmas, you might need a rest and peaceful moments. Don’t worry, we have exactly what you are looking for with “Mythanien”, from Leipzig-based pianist Fred Vanterra.

Fred Vanterra just released “Mythanien”, his first solo music album. A splendid project featuring 13 self-written tracks. To be honest, we rarely listen to classical music, and it has been a huge pleasure, a journey out of time.

The album starts with the beautiful “Mythanien”, a 3:22 minutes track revealing a poetic rhythmic and intense emotions. Probably one of our favorite tracks from the album.

“Firnya”, the third track, is an extraordinary ballad, whose melody made us shed our little tear. It felt so good.

The project contains many interesting and outstanding tracks, such as Casoley, Tahara and finishes on a high note with the beautiful Castelle.

The album “Mythanien” is a real masterpiece: the melodies, the musical treatment, the production everything is strong as well as the poetic side of the project. This opus is the definition of REAL music, the one going straight to your heart.

Fred Vanterra is one of these artists we were happy and excited to discover and share, and you should do the same. The album “Mythanien” is available on all music platforms.