Paris-based artist and traveler Johan Feder Unveils the beautiful “Shipwrecked”

Although we feature specific sounds on this platform, the most important thing we look for in a song is its creativity. If the energy connects with us, then they’ll most probably connect with the audience we’ve built over the past few years.

Today, be ready for a bit of softness, for a pleasant musical moment that will make you disconnect from reality. 

Our good news of the day is entitled “Shipwrecked” by the talented Paris-based artist Johan Feder.

From the first notes, we felt captivated by the beautiful, simple but pure, melodies. Johan Feder’s reassuring voice touched our heart, which is a rare thing! We literally felt at home while listening to “Shipwrecked”.

In an area where music is mostly made with electronic instruments and machine, “Shipwrecked” made us so much good!

Enjoy and don’t forget to connect with Johan Feder: