RJ Yolande Mendes has released her latest single, “Tu Mileya” (Punjabi)

RJ Yolande Mendes has released her latest single, Tu Mileya (Punjabi) and her voice has touched thousands of hearts once again. She had over 15k plays on her Punjabi Cover Track within 24hours of the song being released across platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, iTunes, iHeart Radio, etc. leaving her listeners awed while she continued her journey of Singing songs in different languages. She previously also released Uloi Somea (Konkani), Dil Ka Darwaza (Hindi), Speak O Lord (English) and Um Azhagaana Kangal (Tamil) Hymns which featured on over 30 music channels worldwide.

This Sensational Artist from Mumbai, India never stops growing from being an Avid Learner to a Radio Jockey, from a Woman Entrepreneur to a Freelancer and now an upcoming Singer, her career truly embodies the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ concept, and has allowed her to become an incredibly effective and versatile Individual. Her passion to achieve new things every day is such an inspiration to everyone while her peppy, soft to ear, stylish voice has been stealing a lot of hearts across the globe!