SC releases outstanding Project “Shock Combat HD”

Rapper SC’s project entitled “Shock Combat HD”, the deluxe version of the original project ‘Shock Combat’, is a breath of fresh air in an era where our ears bleed from autotune raps, unoriginal and uninspiring music.

In this 21 tracks album, SC combines real hip-hop with lush production and unique flow. 

With interesting lyrical content SC shines throughout his new project. Remember his name, and discover the artist in 5 questions:

Welcome to the Further SC! Could you tell us who you are and how you started to do music

I’m SC and I’m a producer/ artist. I started playing music at the age of 7 but started making beats around the age of 19

We like the way you write and create music. What inspires you?

Life inspires me to write music for the most part but it’s also therapeutic for me.

Do you have a specific ‘creation process’?

When it comes to making a track the creative process varies. For certain tracks, I try to have an idea of how it could go but for the most part, I just go with what I’m feeling

Can you tell us more about your latest release “Shock Combat HD”?

Shock Combat HD is the deluxe version of Shock Combat. HD has additional songs and different mixes ( The Rick Cool Mix ) to a few songs

What do you plan for the future? 

I plan to release another project in the spring but no official date has been made


Listen to Shock Combat HD right now: