Speak Easy Circus – ‘Company of Men’: A ‘frankentune’ to break down modern masculinity

It’s no secret that a beautiful song has the power to take you to a parallel universe, surrounded by good feelings. On a grey day in the week, when you need to set the tone, some artists can spread energy and positivity in your soul. ‘Company of Men’, by Glasgow-based indie band Speak Easy Circus, has this power for our greatest delight. 

The song unveils catchy and addictive melodies between folk, touches of soul and a beautiful melancholic atmosphere. Offering splendid lyrical content helping to understand and break the influence of the “masculinity” ideas and vision in our societies, the song is a true musical gift.

‘Company of Men’ is an energetic and incredibly pleasant musical journey that you need to discover right now: 

It was only right to have a little chat with Speak Easy Circus! Discover them in 5 questions.

Welcome to our redaction! Could you introduce your band to our readers and tell us how you started to create together?

We are Speak Easy Circus, an indie band based in Glasgow. The project originally started as a solo project by myself (Jack – guitar/vocals), during my time at university I flirted with playing music full time, it was always what I wanted to do but I had never really made the full push that you need. Once I finished university I decided that I had two options, I could get a job and consign myself to the fact that music would always be a hobby, or I could commit and try my best to make something of it. So I looked into renting a place in London, screamed at my computer screen when I saw how much it would cost, and decided to move to Glasgow instead. When I first arrived in Glasgow I began looking for a band and tried to play with as many people as possible, including a Radiohead cover band for a while. I really wanted to form a band that combined all the different music that I listened to but I was never able to find the right group of people for my own project though, until I met Jon and Chats whilst we were all playing in a different band together. When that band disintegrated I knew that I had to get them involved, so I told them they would get all the riches the music world had to offer if they joined. I lied. But by that point it was too late, we were introduced to Frazer through a mutual friend and Speak Easy Circus as we know it today was formed.

What are the story and the creative process behind « Company of Men » ? What inspired you to write this song?

‘Company of Men’ is a song that had been around since I was in high school, where I had the initial idea for the song, however I struggled to put into words exactly what I was thinking. Lyrically the song is about the ideas of masculinity that are forced onto men as we grow up and throughout adulthood, and trying to break away from those damaging ideas. Musically the song started with just the guitar parts and the melody idea, then when I brought the song to the band Chats started playing a bass line that perfectly complimented it, and from there everything fell together naturally.

If you had 3 words to choose to describe your music, what would they be?

Unique, exciting, eclectic

How did the « covid-situation » affect your work as a team (in good and bad ways)?

The Covid situation has obviously affected us a lot, we haven’t been able to play shows and for many months we weren’t able to rehearse or write together which is difficult. However we did do our best to stay entertained. We started a video project called ‘Quarantunes’ in which we created small videos with music to upload from our flat, you can see some of them here. We also managed to use the brief period in which we could travel in our country to go down to the Animal Farm in London to record, which is where we recorded ‘Company of Men’ as well as our other singles from this year as well! We can’t wait to play live again though!

What do you plan for the future? Any projects or live shows on the road?

At the moment we are still just slowly coming out of lockdown, so live shows are definitely something we are looking forward to but we still need to wait and see when they will be possible. We have another single planned for later on this summer though, and we are hoping to do some more recording by the end of the year.

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