Stacccs The Flame Spitter

Stacccs, who was born Ramel Rodney, has been interested in music since he can remember. On his way to school he would listen to 50 cent and Lil Wayne. He fell in love with music at this time and decided what his career would be.

Pursuing a career in the music industry was always a dream for Stacccs but the lack of music presence in his community discouraged him from pursuing his dreams. Now moving into high school there was a shift in the Toronto Hip-Hop scene.

Stacccs lived at the outskirts of Toronto so his school was heavily influenced by music. He is now motivated again to pursue his dreams and starts working on melodies, videos and songs with friends. Stacccs spent most of his free time doing anything that involved music and creating.

The music scene exploded in Toronto in 2016, with Drake also gaining popularity at this time he started to take note of the Toronto underground, also cosigning multiple artists. Stacccs was extremely motivated to pursue his dreams and he did so. Stacccs has also directed some of the most successful music videos in Canada. His most recent release “Levels” is gaining popularity on streaming platforms.

The Brampton Native has a lot of projects he plans on releasing in 2022, one being a collaboration mix tape with buzzing underground Canadian artists. This project is expected to do well on the charts and the release date is yet to be announced. Stacccs believes there is no door he cannot open as long as he keeps working hard and staying dedicated.

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