Surprising and addictive: “Now and Forever” by Zel?

Zel?’s project “Now and Forever” is probably the most surprising of the season. The rising artist coming straight from Maryland is the kind of artist who brings fresh air and new vibes to the industry right now.

From “I Get Around” to “Dreaming in Madness”, his musical recipe combines alternative R’N’B with creative elements such as electronic haunting sounds, touches of pop, and addictive sonic experimentation.
His voice seems to come from the future, with the bewitching treatment and offers a new world to explore. More than music, “Now and Forever” is an experience, the definition of Art.

Zel? is one of these voices that reconcile the world with creative music, in an area where many artists sound the same. There is no doubt that his music will accompany your summer in the best way possible and will catch your heart from the first notes.

Listen to this unique and incomparable artistic universe :