“Susanna”: our track of the day by Gianluca Gallo

Our track of the day is exactly what we needed to continue this week on the right foot. It is entitled “Susanna”, by the talented Italian artist Gianluca Gallo and it is now on repeat in our playlists and for our greatest delight!


“Susanna” is a perfect pick for the summer where Gianluca Gallo, musician born in Agrigento, delivers beautiful feel-good energy with an intense rhythm, rocked by a powerful saxophone. 


With his huge experience (Gianluca Gallo has collaborated with great artists such as Francesco Baccini, Luca Barbarossa, Andrea Mingardi, Los Locos), “Susanna” could only be a success.


Other than being well-produced, what we also admire is that the song as well as the visual unveils a new way to create music and brings new sonorities on the table. Believe us, you will get addicted!


We can’t wait to hear more about his music as we know that he is working on a new single…We will definitely stay tuned!


Without further ado, discover “Susanna”. The song is also now in our Spotify Playlist BEST OF THE MONTH#9:


Don’t forget to connect with Gianluca Gallo on Instagram: