The next big thing : “Miami” by Martin Strang

Martin Strang is the sort of artist we’d love to see more of on our screens and radios. Indeed, it’s clear since his first length album “Duality” released in July 2021 (100.000 streams in the first month) that what he’s doing stems from a deep passion for music and a unique sense of the creativity.

With his recent release “Miami”, the artist conquers our ears thanks to his éclectisme and infectious energy.

The addictive rhythm of “latin pop” sonorities, tinted by touches of hip-hop has this special way of simmering into your veins, and getting stuck inside your head. It perfect for the summer, and we finally got teh chance to appreciate an authentic sound with quality and high replay values.

“Miami” is wonderful, and just the definition of a Hit !

Mark your calendar: his third album ” The Lo – Fi Sessions” will be released on August 22th