Thursday addiction: “20 Years” by Tony Venuto

On this very cold day, you may need a musical moment that will warm your hearts up. Our addiction of the day, the guitarist and singer-songwriter Tony Venuto, has offered this possibility, and his latest album “20 Years” is our musical revelation today.

“20 Years” honors real rock and music made with passion. The 10-track opus is a piece of art delivering authentic rock energy with creativity. The indie touch, tinted by some garage colors are accompanied by addictive guitars, solid rhythm and melancholic yet infectious vocal performances.

From the arrangements to the atmosphere, passing by Tony Venuto’s charismatic artistic recipe, everything is made to enjoy a few moment of real and sincere music.

Press play right now!

The epic team behind “20 Years”:

-Grammy winning bassist Tim Lefebvre (David Bowie, John Batiste, The Black Crowes)

-Drummer Eyal Satat

-Italian session vocalist Dee Wolf.

-Mixed by Grammy winning engineer Brendan Dekora (Foo Fighters, NIN)