Vincent Krennerich returns with “Wolken”

If you know our redaction now, you might have noticed that German artist Vincent Krennerich is one of our favorite discoveries of the year. Among the mass of artists, more and more numerous, rare pearls are easily noticed, and Vincent Krennerich is one of them. 

We discovered his music a few months ago with the beautiful “Perspektive” which marked us from the first notes, and we are thrilled to announce that he has just released a new track entitled “Wolken” (Clouds in English). After so many complicated moments, so many tensions around the world, this masterpiece comes along at just the right time. 

Vincent Krennerich, a piano and music genius, takes us into extraordinary melodies, unexpected emotions, and a unique journey through pure music. Believe us, “Wolken” can heal your soul and your mind. Just press play now: