Walking on Sunshine (Roxy Edition), A Cover by PLAYGROUND CIRCUS: A Metal Resurrection

Walking on Sunshine (Roxy Edition)” by PLAYGROUND CIRCUS is an explosive reinterpretation of a legendary track, and the band manages to reinvent it in the most surprising and thrilling way, transforming it into a hit that resurrects the spirit of metal. The guitars in this rendition are addictively intense, and the rhythms are downright mind-bending. The vocal lines unveil a punk charisma that beckons the liberation of both bodies and minds.

Prepare to be taken on a musical rollercoaster that demands your participation. The production and arrangements conspire to create an atmosphere where you can’t help but unleash your inhibitions. This rendition is not just a cover; it’s a rebellious anthem that invites you to sing from the depths of your heart and let loose.

PLAYGROUND CIRCUS has injected new life into “Walking on Sunshine,” get ready to belt it out :