We invite you into Beyond Charlie’s extraordinary world

Out now: Parvati by the incredible Beyond Charlie.

Indian MUSIC are more and more heard and covered around the world. Artists like Beyond Charlie, straight from Pune, are the reason why.

Signed on Banyan Tree Records, his latest track ‘Parvati’ is an extraordinary journey through the unknown. It is been a while since we had not listened to such a unique world, which is a rare thing nowadays.

‘Pavarti’ is a mystical track that effortlessly blends electronic elements with Indian captivating tribal vocals and intense sitar. The recipe is appealing, out of this earth, and never-heard-before. Beyond Charlie’s creativity and musicality is stunning throughout. This is a promising step for an artist who has the potential to conquer the music world.

Beyond Charlie offers a new world, a fantastic artistic experience that can bring you into a trance before you even realize it. The music enters your bode, possesses your mind, and set you free.

We will make sure to follow Beyond Charlie and keep you updated about his steps. The artist promises to have a bright future and to become global, he has a well-deserved place among the greatest creatives of 2021 and more.

Dive into Parvati right now: