Direction Tulsa, Oklahoma to discover our artist of the day Brittney

Tulsa-based artist Brittney is a beautiful musical discovery and thanks to her latest offering, a 13 tracks album entitled “Chosen Child 2”, you will have the dose of hip-hop and energy that you need on an autumn day.

With real hip-hop energy and flawless production, Brittney gets the job done with power and creativity. She proves that female rappers have their place in an area where male raps are highlighted. The addictive album’s rhythm is distilled with efficiency, the flow hooks you: you will have understood it, “Chosen Child 2” is a great musical discovery that will undoubtedly end up integrating your playlists.

“My latest album release ‘ Chosen Child 2 ‘ has a valuable message in every song. It’s made up of late nights, hard work, and dedication.” Brittney.

Stream it right now: