“Hi I’m Andy” is the new single by Litvar, the coolest band of the month

Light and Variation. Two inspiring words that gave the name to “Litvar”. Consisting of drummer Joe Lemieux and vocalist, guitarist Rex Thrustan, the amazing duet has just released a single entitled “Hi I’m Andy”.

Since their debut album “The Greatest Movie of All Time”, we already knew that they were artists that we needed to add to our radar. They confirmed their promising artistry thanks to “Hi I’m Andy”.

Apart from being musically on point, Litvar is also a creative band as they unveil a new kind of Pop/ Rock sound, a different vibe from what we already heard.

The rhythm and the track’s structure brings something new to the table and will have you sing with them.

Without further ado, listen to “Hi I’m Andy” by Litvar right now: